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The Original Hidden Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff Original Hidden Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff's Original Hidden Litter Box is our flagship litter box. Our premium and innovatively crafted enclosed litter box, cleverly disguised as a planter features options for faux plants & reusable liners. Tailored for cats of all sizes, multi-cat households, and other small pets, this makes for the perfect option for your home. Shop our rotating colorways and find our staples year round.

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The Courtyard

Our Courtyard Hidden Litter Box is our newest enclosed litter box designed to resemble a planter, complete with a faux plants. Ideal for cats, small dogs, and small pets of any size, this distinctive litter box is well-suited for multi-pet households.
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Faux Plants

At Good Pet Stuff we have a wide range of Faux plants that work perfectly well with our Original and Courtyard Hidden Litter Boxes. Our Rotating plant options as well as our yearly staples are perfect for customizing your litter box. Shop today and customize tomorrow.
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Are you in need of some more options for your Hidden Litter Box liners or filters? We have you covered! Take a look at our reusable carbon filters & liners and find the perfect fit for your litter box. Available for both the Courtyard and Original, shop today!
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