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Customer Questions

The Original Hidden Litter Box measures: 19 5/8” L x 19 5/8” W x 21 7/8” H

The Courtyard Hidden Litter Box measures: 17” L x 17” W x 19 ¾” H

Yes! We have instructions that come along with your product, and it should take less than 5 minutes to put it all together.

Yes! We have trays/liners for sale for each type of Hidden Litter Box Planter. Make sure you pick the one that fits your style/design (Original or Courtyard).

Yes, we have them available in "Accessories" and they come in 3-packs (make sure you pick the right style/design).

Yes, we do! Check out the "Plants" section on our website. We currently sell 6 different types of faux plants that are available for both style/designs!

Yes! The faux plants are packaged tightly, so they will need to be properly fixed and spread apart after installation so that it can achieve the look you want. Please be careful when fixing the faux plants because some are more delicate than others.

The top of the hidden litter box should fit perfectly and not move while your pet uses it.

Keep your hidden litter box as clean as possible by frequently scooping/cleaning the litter. The smell is kept well hidden with our carbon filters and the entryway facing the wall as it was intended.

The Hidden litter Box Planter is not designed for real plants. There are holes on the top that can leak straight to the inside of the litter box. This is not for outdoor use unless underneath a covered area. We’ve seen customers cover the top holes and customize these however they’d like, but we do not recommend it.

Yes! On top of the carbon filter, you’re able to add your own style to the Hidden Litter Box Planter. We’ve seen customers use rocks, glass marbles, and other fun styles. Just ensure it is not toxic to your pets, and that it doesn’t damage the base of the product.

Other Questions

A litter box should be about 1 1/2 times the length of the body of the cat/animal.

Soft, unscented clumping litters are preferred by most cats and these litters are easier for caregivers to clean. Many litters contain perfumed crystals or other scents which can cause asthma in cats – and in people! Others, such as cedar or pine, can have a scent that also bothers human and feline asthmatics. Aromatic or dusty litters, litter deodorizers, and box liners are also unpopular with many cats. Many cats prefer sand or soil litter which is similar to what they would use in the wild. Avoid litters with sharp or very hard consistency for older cats or those with sensitive paws.

No matter what type of cat litter you use, they recommend that 2-3 inches of new litter are enough to layer the bottom of your cat's litter box. No more, no less.

Less than 2 inches of litter will result in clumps sticking to the litter box and worse odor control.

On the other hand, more than 3 inches of litter can create a sand-dune-like surface which is less flat and stable.

You can tell if you're using too much litter by paying attention to these occurrences:

  • Pet slips and slides in the litter box.
  • Your pet only goes halfway in.
  • Your pet flings litter outside the box.
  • You find yourself hiding from the problem.

Knowing how often to change your pet's litter is an important detail to consider. A good rule of thumb is to clean your pet litter every day and empty out your pet’s litter box roughly every 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, this will all depend on your pet. It’s good to know your pet’s bathroom habits because this will help you better understand how often you should change out their litter. It’s also going to depend on the number of pets you have in your household, as well as the type of litter you are using.

Yes! We've built and designed these Hidden Litter Boxes for multiple pet households. Often we find that customers purchase separate ones to avoid the upkeep of cleaning up the litter boxes as often.

You are able to use a fabric steamer to easily straighten and maneuver your faux leaves. Another nice trick is to use your thumb nail to grab the leaf and flick across it like you would a ribbon.

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